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Hello all-
We are trying to close soon on a lovely home in Prospect Park South. The house was built in 1900 and current owners haven’t done much to it since the 60’s. We are planing a renovation that will include replacing electric and plumbing and renovating the kitchen and baths, along with some other cosmetic work.
The issue I’m running into is that because of the state of the house and our renovation plans, the insurance companies won’t give us a homeowners policy and will only give us a Builders Risk policy. BUT our mortgage agent says we need to have a homeowners policy to close.. Has anyone run into this before? I would hate for this to kill our deal since it’s such a great house… Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank You!


I have to renew my dwelling fire insurance. But I want to go to a full homeowner insurance. Does anyone have recommendations for brokers and level of coverage? If possible, I do not want to pay more than $1300 per year in premiums. I own a brownstone in Crown Heights. Thanks.


yay! we found a place we love. yay! we have a signed contract. yippee!

it’s a condo and we need to get homeowner’s insurance. i don’t need any more quotes, but i would love some advice on things like
– an all-risk policy vs not all-risk (they both seem to cover quite a bit.)
– loss assessment coverage: do we need $1000 or $10,000 (it’s not a brand new condo, but there’s a relatively small reserve fund, so this seems important.)
– any extras that we should be getting that aren’t normally covered.

i’m asking the two agents i’m dealing with lots of questions, but they’re both clearly trying to sell me on their policies, so i’d like some unbiased opinions from those who have been there. thanks!



Can anyone provide some thoughts with respect to insurance to protect the personal liability of directors and officers of small (particularly self-managed) co-op boards from potential litigation? Specifically:

1) Is it typical for co-op board directors and officers to be insured?

2) How do co-ops obtain such insurance?

3) Approximately how much should the insurance cost for a small co-op on an annual basis?

As additional information, the co-op is a taxable corporation and not a non-profit.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


I have been reading the forum on this subject and it’s not easy to make a decision. Obviously there are companies like Chubb that everybody raves about, but they are very costly. Please give any experience on these 2 agencies as their insurance rates are similar. Brownstone now underwrites Everest Insurance Co. (A+ rated) and distinguished underwrites National Union Fire Insurance Co. (A rated)


I’m about to purchase a 3-unit townhouse and just started looking into insurance needs.
I was looking at umbrella policies and saw offerings of commercial umbrella coverage. Is this different from a personal umbrella policy? I will be living in one of the units, and I want to make sure I am properly covered.

In addition to home and umbrella coverages, I have a car (currently with geico) and would switch coverage if I can get good discounts for having all 3 with the same company. Is it generally better to keep everything under one insurance company in Brooklyn?



I’m looking into homeowner’s insurance for a landmarked brooklyn brownstone. Very interested too hear current feedback on Brownstone Agency. Anybody have any experience with claims, etc? What is a good replacement price per sq. ft. for replacement cost considering landmark issues? I hear about people insuring a wide range from well below market value to double and various sq. ft prices and it’s hard for me to know where to begin.


How much does an adjuster typically charge to assist in a fire insurance claim that will probably be in the $40,000 range? Also, any recommendations for an adjuster that you were satisfied with? Thanks.


We have lived in our one family townhouse with room mates/friends since we bought our house in 2008. Now we are looking to move out and rent it out to them. They have always been very responsible and reliable, and hopefully that won’t change.
My question is about all the legal changes that are going to take place now. Our current insurance company is Interboro and they don’t do landlord insurance. I need someone good and who will get back to us asap. Is it a similar deal with homewoners ins.? There is an inspection, and they take pictures i am assuming? Is there any advice you homeowners-to-landlord can give me about this? We put in smoke detectors, etc. But is there something I haven’t thought of. Also, will we have to change the C of O on the house? The taxes change too but who do notify of that?
What other legal issues are involved? And if i pay all the bills on the house then is that tax deductible?

I will take any insurance company recommendations! And other suggestions are most welcome too.