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A neighbor of mine has a pair of original french exterior doors circa 1906, also with the original beveled glass. The glass has slipped down indicating that there’s likely some wood rot in the bottom rail.

Does anyone know of a company that could rebuild and refinish these doors? This looks like a shop rather than on-site job to me but she does have an attached garage she can make available.


Looking for a carpenter to repair two sets of front doors that no longer line up evenly due to winter snow moisture.

Any recs are much appreciated. Location is Fort Greene.

Hey all,

I’m looking for recommendations for a reliable carpenter who can widen an existing doorframe in a non-load-bearing internal wall and install a set of french doors, like these:

This is to bring more light into the center room of a garden-level rental unit. Any advice welcome. Has anyone done this?


Hi, I have a two sliding doors that no longer slide. I think it may be due to the hanging mechanism being out of line/track. Does anyone know an experienced carpenter who could take on the job? I heard Mike Connolly (master carpenter) is good, but have no contact details for him


I looks like we will have to do something with our entrance doors: tenants, ours and 2 entrance doors to the building. All of them are worn: some dings, loose and abused areas around door handles and locks.
Apartment doors are the same edwardian four panels painted 30X96 style doors.
Building doors are double with glass and single with glass all painted.
Can we restore our doors and how it is compared cost-wise to the option to get a replacement.
I have 3 issues with replacement doors:
1. I did not see our style available and we (obviously) want to keep the same style.
2. New doors are from new wood. I know how many pieces of the moulding you have to look through in Home Depot to find the single straight one. What will happen to our new doors in a couple of years and what if we find ourselves in situation when we will regret that we get rid of our old worn but perfectly straight and level doors?
3. Price of new doors. This might not be an issue if we discover that restoration is actually more expensive ( we have no idea now).

Please give us some advice. What would be the better and most cost effective way in this project?


We have a small 2nd bedroom in which we’d like to install a closet/desk combo. The wall is approximately 8 feet wide with a window in the center. Our plan is that closets would go on either side of the window (to the ceiling– about 9 feet), and a desk top would be installed beneath the window.

We’d like the closets to be solid wood with some decorative trim (molding) to match the feel of the apartment. Has anyone done something similar and is willing to share the cost?

Also, any other ideas for closet/desk combos welcome!


Hi Stoners,

We have an old dumbwaiter in our Sunset Park co-op. Several other owners have turned the dumbwaiter opening into a small closet. We’re looking to do the same thing (in our case, a kitchen pantry).

Any suggestions for handymen/carpenters who would be willing to take on such a relatively small project? Since any problems in the dumbwaiter would also affect our neighbors, I want to make sure the builder is very conscientious.