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I am trying to determine whether I can build a small room on our roof and looking at the OASIS map I pulled up the following:

Lot Area: 1,917 sq ft (19′ x 100.92′)
# of Buildings: 1
# of floors: 4
Building Area: 12,168 sq ft
Total Units: 3 Residential Units: 3
Primary zoning: R7-2 Commercial Overlay: None
Floor Area Ratio: 6.35 Max. FAR: 3.44

Can somebody who has a bit of experience with this sort of thing explain what the numbers above mean and whether there is enough FAR for a small room? Much appreciated.



My husband and i have an offer in for a 16×40 home in brooklyn that needs a gut renovation. It is an english basement + 2 floors. The basement is currently unfinished. We plan to gut & renovate. We will put in new building systems (central air, new elec, probably new plumbing) and do some structural work. The place is structurally sound, but we want to remove some load bearing walls so we will have to engineer some new beams/columns. We also want to relocate the back door. The windows & the rest of the exterior will remain, roof is in good shape.

What can we afford to do for 120k? Is $100/sf a reasonable amount to assume? Do you think that includes FF&E. We were thinking that we could do the top 2 floors and the lowest floor would remain unfinished but perhaps roughed in for future fit out.

I should disclose that i am actually an architect however i do large scale commercial work so I dont have experience with residential costs. we’re actually considering hiring an architect who specializes in residential just to give me some advice!


We are in the process of buying a house in Lefferts Garden. The road appears to have ample street parking.

We are thinking of applying for a curb cut and using the space in front of the house for off-street parking.

I know curb-cuts are not given out very easily these days – but can anyone recommend (from experience) a good Architect/Expediter with good standing in the DoB to file a request for a curb cut ?


Can anyone recommend a Williamsburg-area architect that can help me rectify a bad situation at my house? I won’t go into how this came to pass but we got hit with a “work without permit” violation for wall partitions and heating system in our basement. I need to get this straightened out–yes, I am well aware of the trouble I face–and need an architect to get the ball rolling. Any suggestions? Thank you.


So – finally we got our permit and work will start Monday in a week, but we had serveral issues with TR1 before.

The initial TR1 the testing company prepared didn’t address all items on the B-Scan list. The GC went to DOB just to be told it is incomplete.

Who in general is responsible for making sure the TR1 covers everything? In our case the architect blames GC, but architect coordinated with external testing.

Further the B-Scan list had a test that was not applicable and the expediter needed to get it waived. Shouldn’t the expediter take care of this before sending the GC to pulling permit? The issue was obvious since the initial filing from the initial B-Scan list….

Lastly all these tests will be done via an external testing company. Looking at other filing I see architects handling this part by themselves. We were told regulation changed and it needs to be done via 3rd party. Correct?

If I only would have known of the B-Scan list before. I could have coordianted this better myself….


We are in the final stretch to prepare all documents to get permits for our Alt-1 townhouse renovation. Plans were approved in Feb 2011.

Now our architect wants 4.5k extra for TR-8 sign-off during constructions. How do other architects handle this? Do you do the sign-off yourself or use 3rd party services? How much do you charge for this.


looking for an architect to draft plans for a 2-car garage + driveway (for a standalone house), as well as do all the adminstrative work – surveying, permits, etc.

MUST have experience doing garages…please let me know if there are any recos.


I’m in the process of closing on a brownstone in Bay Ridge. There is an existing one floor extension that I want to extend and make 2 floors. The FAR allows for another 500 sqft. Also I want to see about converting from a 2-family to 3-family. What is the process? Do I need an architect or an engineer?


Has anyone worked with this architect? Could I get your opinions/experience with him?

I am contemplating a renovation of a “brick limestone” in Bay Ridge.

Any other recommendations of architects?

Thank you so much.