Fire Escape Painting

We needed a contractor to scrape and paint our fire escape. We also wanted the wrought iron door, fence, and balconettes painted and scraped. After obtaining three quotes and following up on references, we hired High Tech Construction. (High Tech has done alot of work on Carroll Street and recived high marks from former customers.) The price was fair, the quality work done neatly and on schedule, and the clean-up 100%. When scraping the fire escape, the workers found several stairs in need of repair and brought in a welder to do the repair. This was not anticipated, but was included in the cost of the job. The job was completed in three days. Drop cloths were used, so no errant drips of paint anywhere, and the workers very friendly and efficient. I will use this company again in the future and highly recommend them.
3623 15th Ave Brooklyn , N.Y 11218
TEL: 718-693-3537 CELL: 347-792-1266


  1. i can second that.

    my co-op has them for our fire escapes and other exterior work and all of their work was done well, clean and on time.

    I would recommend them to anyone on here.