DOB Update 05/11/11


    Any one to share experiences with get it done together program at DOB ?

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    1. It’s great – as long as high-level DoB staff from 280 Broadway is doing oversight. The minute the cat’s away, the mice revert to rats.

    2. So I went to one of these last night, in Queens. The job was in the SEP (Special Audit Department) for some violations resulting of a previous architect’s negligence. (As a side note, this is not the only job I’ve been hired on to clean up this particular architect’s mess. If not for fear of libel, I’d be happy to post their name here.) I mention this because my experience with the Get It Done Together program may be atypical.

      Because this job had been escalated to the head of the department, I had expected to meet with the dept head again, as well as the examiner, but no, only the examiner was available.

      This was a bit frustrating because it was like starting from scratch again, but the examiner with whom we met was very patient and helpful in figuring out the best way to address the issues.

      We walked out of there with a few pretty clear choices of different ways we could solve the problem and get the new work (to remedy the previous architect’s “mistakes”) approved.

      Overall, it was a good experience. I have another in Brooklyn next Wednesday.

      Jim Hill, RA, LEED AP
      Urban Pioneering Architecture

    3. Yeah, they turned down looking at the project. Said to go the normal route. They do not allow for pre-cons to be reviewed.

    4. I’ve got one of these meetings in Queens tonight and another in brooklyn next week. I have no idea what to expect, but I’ll post here if anything comes of it.