What is the name of this thing?


    I cannot for the life of me remember what the name of the piece of stone/marble/fake marble/plastic piece that is on the ground of the doorway many times into a bathroom. Does anyone know what this is called and where to buy these? Mine has cracked and I want to replace it but I don’t know where to buy them. I want my tile guy to be able to replace it when he is fixing my tiles in the bathroom. Help!!! I have attached a photo of the one at my office. This is not my broken one.


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    1. @ wholesalerbill

      I asked this question because I did not know what to even ask for when calling a store. Also, I wanted to be the one to pick it out not my tile guy. I thought this site is for people to ask these types of questions. As far as I know there aren’t rules on asking them. If it bothered you so much perhaps not responding would have been the polite thing to do.

      I thank all those who were supportive in their responses.

    2. Sewardwasright:

      It is also called a threshold. I never heard it called a “saddle” before I moved to New York.

    3. Why don’t you have your ’tile guy’ get it. Sheesh. Are people really this incapable of doing things on their own without having to come on this forum to ask such common sense questions?
      You don’t know where to buy them? You really need someone on this forum to tell you to go to Lowes or Home Depot?
      Sorry for ranting, but really, adults?

    4. Cheap marble thresholds available at Lowes and HD (but check inventory with your store first).

    5. I think one name is a “saddle”. If you want one made of a stone, go to a stone yard, pick your material and they’ll cut it to size and shape. I used and liked SMC Stone in Williamsburg. I got saddles made out of White Zeus (I think its called). It looks like white Corian, looks good, no marks on it yet. Price is very reasonable.