Wanted Persian Rugs


    Hi Looking for some Persian Rugs to cover a 8×10 area in the living room. We tried sanding the oak floors, but too many pet stains and i don’t want to tear it up. Any good recommendations out there. ABC home is out of my budget. Found this site www.urbanrugs.com Any one have experience with this site or any others. Thanks, Jeff

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    1. I have been on the lookout for an affordable rug and have been outbid on Ebay and Housing Works so far (lovely rugs though). I have also been working with the 2 rug dealers mentioned that work at the Brooklyn Flea- who also have some nice inventory.

      My best recommendation is this dealer who posts on Craiglist from the UES. My sister bought lovely rugs for him at a great price. But its also hard to find quality and affordable persian rugs in the 8 x 10 size-shipments come in only so often. Anyway the dealer is Paul DeBeer and the best way to find him is to type “Persian UES” in a craigslist search. I have his number but dont know if he would appreciate me posting his number.

    2. Try the local regional auction houses: Capo in LI City, Hutter in the West 50s, and maybe Doyle for a home sale. There are at least two vendors for rugs at the Brooklyn Flea as well, and they are both knowledgeable, and imo, reasonably priced.

      Good luck! I’ve heard it said, that the rug is the soul of the room.

    3. Got a bunch of nice rugs from this seller in ebay:
      pakobelrugs ( 63746Feedback)
      Once I got lucky and pay &19.99 for a beautiful 5×7 with 2 little holes,repaired by them, that I can hardly see.

    4. If you don’t mind used, also try shophousingworks.com. Nice Persian rugs seem to go up about 1 per week.

    5. An auction is a very good place to find one. We have gotten some nice ones there.
      If you look on ebay, but preference for this local area only, you will also find all kinds of vintage and antique rugs at reasonable prices.
      ABC is out of everyone’s reach; the price they want is not worth the mass produced product.
      I got a gorgeous mid century style rug from Crate and Barrel. They also have outlets. You might try Outlet Centers in general. Great deals to be had.

    6. Try ABC downstairs sales area or the Bronx warehouse. A LOT of their rugs are very reasonable. I picked up a 6 by 9 100% wool Joseph Abboud rug from ABC in manhattan for $250. It was originally over $1,200. Just keep dropping in until you find something you like.

    7. Great prices on Overstock.com, but make sure to specify the quality you want (hand-knotted, hand-tufted, etc.) when searching. There is also a good vendor on Amazon, Heritage Unlimited, who sells good quality oriental rugs at good prices.