Squatters Next Door!


    I have a townhouse next to mine that has been abandoned for several years, but has seen many different squatters move in again and again. Research on the home shows a foreclosure lien filed by US Bank.
    Who is responsible to get them out and brick-up the place? The bank? The owners?

    How do I get them out once and for all?

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    1. We had a house on our block with that problem. Owner died, house was being sorted out in court. Squatters were breaking in the house. The city was VERY slow to respond to our concerns. So as a block association, we boarded up the house and chained the door ourselves. Sometimes action is the best way to solve a problem.

    2. I would try calling the bank because squatters are often destructive and are likely reducing the value of the bank’s investment.

    3. We had the same problem and it went on for years. We called the 76th precinct every time we saw someone and they would come kick them out, but they always came back because it wasn’t secured. Only once was someone arrested (for posession).. The DOB was not helpful at ALL. I finally tracked down the original buyers who were in foreclosure and the 76th actually went to their address and told them to come and lock it up.. They were tired of kicking people out..

      Good luck.

    4. did you buy knowing the place next door was abandoned but now want it cleaned up? what happened to the original owners?

      i find it hard to believe a bank would site on a townhouse for several years…..?

    5. You might be able to work with your local precinct or community board (start with either) to get HPD to seal the building and bill it back to the owner.