Safety in Greenwood Heights


    we’re considering a place on 22nd between 4th and 5th. can anyone comment on safety in this area, especially the 25th street stop on the R train?

    we plan on visiting the area at night to check it out firsthand, but i wanted to get a take from some people living in the area. i’ve seen mostly positive comments on greenwood heights in the archives here and on the brooklynian message boards, but they tend to be more about the 6th ave/7th ave side of the neighborhood.


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    1. We live nearby also between 4th and 5th. Find it much safer from a street crime perspective than when we lived in the north slope.

      Later at night normal city awareness is needed. I find that the subway is much more crowded at prospect and at 25th than it was a few years ago, so there is usually a littel crowd coming out of the subway together.

      Not totally familiar with that block, as we live a few blocks north of there, but generally, these are all blocks with family houses, and a mix of old timers and newer families.

    2. We lived there last summer. I didn’t feel unsafe but did find there were some very loud parties very late into the night.