Replacing only a section of parguet?


    A small section of the parquet in my living room floor creaks and flexes when stepped on and one tile specifically is cracked in a few places. I’m thinking the subfloor must also be damaged, otherwise why would it be so bouncy and creaky? Is it possible to repair just this damaged area or must I redo the entire floor? How much of a project is this and who do you recommend I contact for an estimate? Thanks very much.

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    1. I suppose if one square has cracked, you may want to replace the wood. If the spongee spot is isolated and you do not want to take the wood up, it is possible to drill small holes around that area and inject epoxy into the floor. Eastside flooring on 124th st sells the epoxy and an injector for this purpose. (PC Hardwood flooring also sells these – a different brand; I have found the product at Eastside to be better). I’ve done this with success several times.


    2. Any good flooring guy can do this. The job mat only be worth $xx within the scope of a whole sanding job so if you want them to come out and do this only the price may seem high.

      Besides, you really need to get the floors sanded or the patch won’t match

      Call Jose


      He did some replacement work on my Greek Key border when he sanded my floors.