In Search of Paylot in Sty Heights for 1st Time Visitor

Help! My family is staying in Sty Heights, Brooklyn for 3 days this weekend. We are unfamiliar with this neighborhood and am concerned about parking. We will be staying in the 200 block of Bainbridge Str Fri thru Monday the 18th. Can anyone provide some insight on the parking situation? Is street parking easy to find? If we have to walk from our car at night is it relatively safe? Can anyone recommend a good pay lot nearby? What is the schedule for the street cleaner? Thanks!

5 Replies

  1. arking seems to be very easy around Stuy heights. just be aware of the signs for street cleaning. it is also very safe. As opposed to other neighborhoods, especially the “better” ones, you don’t see people breaking into cars in Stuy heights. You should be able to park right on Stuyvesant, the safest of streets and walk home…very safe

  2. Parking is pretty easy in Stuyvesant Heights you should get something on the block you living on… Try to park closer to Stuyvesant and Lewis if you can’t find parking on your block. I think there is a parking garage on Halsey and Stuyvesant and one on Hancock and Lewis…. Your car should really be fine anywhere just don’t leave things like boxes, bags etc..inside.. This goes for anywhere in NYC.

  3. parking shouldnt be hard. the no parking times are 1.5 hr increments of 8:30 to 10, 10 to 11:30, or 11:30 to 1 (as noted on the signs of particular blocks. you only need to worry about signs that say no parking Fri as parking is fine for weekends (ie almost all parking signs in that area should not be in effect for weekends).