Engagement Ring Jeweler Suggestions

Hello – are there any jewelers that anyone would recommend in Brooklyn? Someone who is trustworthy and has had their business for decades. I would prefer a jeweler in Bay Ridge, Park Slope, Carroll Gardens area. Thanks.

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  1. Erie Basin in Red Hook does a huge business in antique and vintage engagement and wedding rings. Prices from $100 to $2500, but most are $250 to $1000. My wedding ring comes from there, love it.

    You can get a good idea of what they have by checking out their online store and their Tumblr account. Although on any given week, they will have some things in the store that aren’t online, particularly wedding bands, which they don’t usually bother listing.

  2. Clay Pot is between 1st and Garfield (first and second is the school). West side of the street. It’s a tiny storefront, but has nice jewelry.

  3. Is Clay Pot still in Park Slope on 7th Ave? I went looking for them recently and didn’t find them. If so, highly recommended.

  4. A tiny bit off your neighborhoods, but in downtown Brooklyn: Jewels by Satnick on State Street just east of Court. Incredibly sweet man who engraved our wedding rings. He once refused to charge me anything for attaching a new watchband (a custom one we had bought online) to my husband’s watch. Has been in business in Brooklyn for about a gazillion years and will tell you all about it when you go in. 🙂