Do Concrete Floors Crack in Bathroom?


    We are renovating our bathroom and want to install radiant heating under a poured concrete floor. I am getting mixed advice about how concrete floors hold up, specifically cracking. Our contractor says if done right there should be no cracking. Anyone have advice with concrete floors/radiant heat in bathroom?

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    1. We do many radiant heating installations in cement floors that have tiles over them and have had no issues with the tiles or the cement below. If done correctly, you will be fine. Radiant heating is fantastic, go for it if you can!!

    2. Most of my relatives in Korea live in apartments with concrete floors and radiant heating. No problems with cracks. It’s awesome when we visit in the winter and sleep on the floor with a mat underneath. 🙂

    3. Concrete doesn´t crack from a little heat. Unless the mixture is wrong and it´s done badly.