Any Use for Old Wood Lath Strips? Firewood?


    I took down some plaster and lath and now have 4 bags of just individual lath wood strips, no plaster on them. Any use for it? Anyone want it? My Dad has been taking it to use as firewood, but he has all he can handle. If interested, let me know, hoping for a chance to reuse/repurpose it– otherwise, to the curb it goes.

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    1. Hi, stickerhappy:

      The signs are telling me to take you up on your generous offer – i just found some work gloves on the bus! I certainly need kindling and love that you’re not just tossing. If you still have it, write me at LEEB155@YAHOO.COM.

    2. Years ago Broadway theaters would have their old scenery burned. They needed to destroy all aassets. The guys would collect the hinges and cleats and brush them down and reuse them.

    3. I think he just picks them out carefully to avoid nails.- good question though.

      Let me know if you decide you want any, Bessie. I could even drop them off- I just like to see things have some more purpose, rather than in the trash pile.

    4. Just be careful and don’t use too much at a time. Old lath burns incredibly fast and fierce. More than one person has started a chimney fire trying to get rid of old lath by burning it in the fireplace.

    5. I don’t think there’s a problem with the burn, unless the nails are galvanized. I use a wood stove in an area without the best lighting and have concerns about grabbing from a bag or pile to stoke or poking myself while clean up ashes. How does your dad get around this?

    6. not sure that using it as firewood is a good idea. It has a lot of dust in it. The dust will come up with smoke. do you really want to breath it in?I only used old studs for this.

    7. No, sorry- they still have some nails, Bessie.

      My dad burns them just the same– bad idea?