Zoning/Development Changes on 3rd/4th Ave?


    Can anyone who has been following changes on 3rd and 4th aves between Park Slope and Carroll Gardens speak to what kinds of changes might be expected in that region?

    We’re considering looking for a house on one of the blocks between 3/4, probably south of 9th st. It is a convenient location for us to get my kids to school, but I’m hesitant about having my kids grow up surrounded by such very busy truck routes/fast heavily trafficked avenues.

    Can anyone speak to this?


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    1. Zoning isn’t going to have anything to do with the traffic. That’s always going to be there. Third Ave is a truck route and 4th is going to stay a six lane highway.

    2. Third and fourth avenues will remain major commercial streets with heavy traffic. These are alternate routes often used due to back up traffic on the BQE. Areas west of 4th avenue, in part are still mixed with industrial uses many of which are near the canal. Be careful in what you buy. If the property is grandfathered in an area currently zoned for manufacturing you won’t be able to get a mortgage and if near the canal may be in a flood zone for insurance purposes. Bottom line, stay east of fourth avenue where residential has always been the primary use and where new construction is almost always residential. Good luck