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    I was just cited for not having walls around a kitchenette. I am trying to put a 9′ long counter against a wall 20′ to the interior adjacent to the living rm. So if i enclose it, i need to keep it less than 59 S.F.? due to lack of a window…and i also need a 5′ wide circulation space for HC access…just wondering if there is anyway around all this. The plumbing is done so they are not moving it.

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    1. I have the light/ air from the living rm.

      The examiner said the soffit was req’d cuz we had sliding
      doors to the bedroom, with a reg door it was not req’d…i
      doubt you will find that written anywhere!

    2. Kitchenette is less then 59 sq. ft. and more than that is considered a kitchen. Light and air you can eliminate only for kitchenetee otherwise it needs to remain open within 30′ of a light / air source for the minimum 10/5 % l/a ratio and sometimes will ebven subject you to alcove provisions. The drop arch is a smoke barrier which does not asolve you from light and air. 5′ radius is not always required and you may follow the guidelines listed in local law 58/87 or under 2008 code if such type of building and willdepend whether an A or B type accessible / elevator building or adaptable only.

    3. barc- you are dead on.

      It was the plan examiner, we are making minor configuration changes. Plan examiner did say to provide a 1 ft drop soffit
      but then used an incomplete quote that talked about partitions,
      the end of the quote that was cut off was “and/or by a soffit dropped 1 ft”

      so yes, just will show the light/vent from the living rm is adequate and add a soffit.

      Thanks for the replies.

    4. Living rm is 29’x13′, kitchen would be in lower left corner.

      I tried to upload a pdf but it did not take.

      I don’t think he has a building venting system that works either.
      don’t i need 2 cfm per SF exhaust instead of window?

    5. who sited you on this? plan examiner or filed inspector? was the kitchen built this way originally? the drawings does not indicate the removal of existing kitchen walls.

      as long as the window provides enough legal light and vent for the entire space, and the kitchen wall is less than 30 ft from the window, you should be ok the way it is. essentially the living and kitchen are all one big room and they both get the needed ventilation from the same window.

      if push really comes to shove … this used to be handled by installing a small dropped arch from the ceiling, 3 ft high i think, around the kitchenette space. you may also need a separate exhaust vent for the kitchenette. speak with an old school architect about this.

    6. How wide is the living room? It looks very narrow, like a hallway, and too narrow for a couch. Maybe the space would work better if you enclosed the kitchen per code and made some nice doorways through to the living room.