How to Find Corrections?


    This weekend my husband and I looked at a house that isn’t finished, along with an architect and contractor who are going to give us an estimate of the work that needs to be done on the place.

    I also talked to a relative of mine who is a building inspector in a different state. She said she’d be be happy to look over all the corrections that the DOB needs, but I don’t know what that is – or where to find it. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    1. always hire a Architect and a Contractor separately.

      You just need a good architect with expediting experience to tell you what and where the building need fixing and also what existing violations your building currently have. After that he can give you a ball park price on what it would cost.

    2. I find that when ever I am working on a project, get many eye to look at it up on the front side. the violations ( I think also that is what she ment) can be fix with the right contractor and direction fromt he city. A skilled contractor with good background (check past work) should help you out.

    3. The new architect is going to have to supersede the original architect. He/She is going to have to review the drawings and see if the drawings are correct and if the work complys with the drawings. I took over a project in BK a few months ago and found the drawings filed were pretty much a lie. The addition was called existing and only to be a renovation. I had the contractor dig down to check on the foundation and they had only put the footing 2′ into the ground. Half what was required. That was only one of the problems found. Make sure you have a good contractor and architect. Good luck.

    4. Perhaps she meant “violations” – which assumes that there are some on the property. You could go on the DOB website and search using the address.