How can I Really Stop These Pesky Circulars??

So I’ve contact the people responsible for distributing these circulars by using the number on the bag. I call the number on the bag and complain about the dumping and they promised to remove my address but I continue to get circulars on a weekly basis. Ive always had the “do not place” notice on my door, as per the Sanitation department requirements, so I’m assuming the workers just don’t or can’t read english. Im about to submit a complaint form but i also wanted to know if there was any additional things that I need to do. I came very close to send out certified mail today with an intent to sue. Can some of the more sophisticated on this board tell me what I should do. Before I end, one day they dropped of several bags in front of my one family house that ended up being under the snow. I bring out the snow blower and poof, millions (exaggeration) of pieces of paper flying all over the place. So not only did I have to move 20 inches of snow, I had to move lots of strips of paper.

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  1. Yeah, I hate those things…I had a sign up and that worked until it blew off and now I get them again. I guess the people are used to being lectured because one of the people said something to me (who me? I didn’t even complain) something like…sorry, if you have a problem call some number…. Sometimes I get hit by a couple of different groups and I have these things sticking all over the place. I just throw them away. It’s all harmless enough until you get a ticket.

  2. Brooklynista above has the answer. Put the sign on your gate (or fence) and if it doesn’t stop, call the distributors.

  3. I’ve found that the signs eliminate about 90% of the crap. If you have a fence, but it there, not on your door. For the rest, I follow a one-warning policy, then I file a complaint. Does it work? All I know for sure it I used to be constantly inundated with that garbage, and now I seldom am.

  4. I sympathize with “Attention2detail” as I too hate getting all that crap. I’ve found that the signs eliminate a large proportion of fliers and circulars. As for the rest, I’ve learned, for the sake of my blood pressure, to just shrug and throw them into my paper recycling bin. Not that I don’t fantasize occasionally about elaborate revenge schemes, but that way lies madness 🙂

  5. Amazing how you know so much about me. Yes, against my authority because I’ve posted notice on my door stating that my one family Brooklyn house not only doesn’t need five circulars, we don’t even want one!!! My mention of the snow was because I wanted to point out a particular instance where the circulars became a nuisance to me. It’s you that made a big deal of the snow and when it fell and how many inches. While I’m on the soap box I would also like to remind people that if you don’t have anything to contribute to the topic of a thread then you can move on. It’s really okay to not hear yourself from time to time. Why all the sudden I’m addressing you and your addressing me about my personal feelings is crazy. Back to square one. Has anyone had any success dealing with those pesky circular people? If so please let me know what you did. Thank you for all responses and helpful information. Enjoy the weekend. Some nice sun out there.

  6. Against your authority?! ROTFLMFAO!
    Welcome to Brooklyn, Chief, where we clear our snow the old-fashioned way…by shovel. It’s March and you’re still complaining about snow? You’ll find a shovel handy for moving that sh!t, too. I bet you shake your fist at trees for dropping leaves where they don’t belong. (And I bet they don’t respect your authority either.)

  7. We were actually successful in getting them to stop. We found that you must do two things to get results: (1) install the “nutjob lives here” signs in prominent locations (for us that meant the front door and the fence)and (2) contact the distributor. With the latter, tell them the signs are posted and threaten to file a complaint if those signs aren’t honored. Since we have done that, the crazy distributions have completely stopped! Sure we don’t like having to post those signs on our property, but dealing with that petty annoyance is way more preferable than being bombarded with those maddening mass newspaper circulars wrapped in plastic.

  8. “Oh, please. The only snowfall we had this winter approaching 20-inches happened at Xmas. If you paid that much Attention2detail, your stoop would have been clear of debris well before the first flake fell. And BTW, wet newsprint surrounded by a plastic wrapper disintegrating into millions of pieces…hyperbole much?”

    I guess you must live in Manhattan. Doesn’t matter when the snow fell or even if it was 20 inches or 12 inches. Bottom line is these people dump the circulars against my authority. A million pieces was an exaggeration and I did say that, but it was quite anyone when it got caught into a 26inch snow blower. The blower shred the paper and blew it everywhere.

  9. Goodness gracious, everyone is so testy today. I sympathize with OP, in one area we lived in the problem was crazy out of control, trash (advertisements) everywhere, and the property owners were fined constantly! I don’t know the answer, but I think you can make a difference and change this if you want to. Don’t listen to the naysayers. It shoukd be illegal to distribute ads on private property. Ecological environmental nightmare.

  10. Oh, please. The only snowfall we had this winter approaching 20-inches happened at Xmas. If you paid that much Attention2detail, your stoop would have been clear of debris well before the first flake fell. And BTW, wet newsprint surrounded by a plastic wrapper disintegrating into millions of pieces…hyperbole much?

  11. You’re working yourself up over something that’s not going to change. Most of the people delivering can’t read English…the people in charge don’t care.

    Chalk it up to an annoyance of living in the city. The signs on people’s stoops and fences look ridiculous and are as much an eyesore. They say “nutjob lives here.” 🙂

    LPC should outlaw them

  12. sounds like the long road… community board, local politics.
    neighborhood complaints work better than individual complaints. I would love to see that companies actual pay a sanitation fee for distributing these things. Same thing with the AM newsprint they overwhelm you with at every subway stop…

  13. Try putting your sign on the fence instead of the front door (assuming you have a front yard with a fence). Calling the company is not going to do anything – no way the person answering the phone is going to tell the person out there distributing 30,000 of these things every day.