Enforcing the 80/20 rule in a condo


    I am wondering if anyone has experience or advice in actually enforcing the 80/20 rule in their buildings.
    Our upstairs neighbors (who we really like) are very nice about listening to what is disruptive to us, but they don’t change their behaviors. They do not follow the 80/20 rule, and have said in the past that they do not like rugs, they like their hardwood floors.

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    1. Condo boards do get involved in a quality of life issue- read your offering plan regarding the 80% carpeting rule. I’ll bet you have such a rule.
      We live in a coop, but house rules are similar- in the coop you can fine the tenant/shareholder for non compliance with the rule— asking the neighborly way is always the best start, but go to management with the problem if they dont change their ways. If management won’t do anything, run for the condo board, get involved and enforce your quality of life rules.

    2. I’m kind of intrigued by this, since I don’t know to what extent condo boards get involved with problems, and I’m very interested to hear how this turns out.

      I don’t have any advice on resolving this, but I’d suggest that, if you haven’t already done so, you write them a polite but pointed letter, an actual letter, re-capping the problem and quoting the rule if is it a rule in your building. And make a copy to save. This way you’re starting a record of your complaint. You can add politely that you understand that often people in apartments may be stuck with choices they may not like, but that’s an inevitable part of communal living. You can then also suggest alternatives. For instance, if shoes are the problem, you can suggest that the remove the shoes on coming. If music is the problem, obviously they should be turning down the volume.

    3. That is true, but the rule with respect to floor covering is NOT referred to as the 80/20 rule.

    4. Actually I believe many co-ops etc do have a rule which requires 80% of the floors to be covered with carpet. Thus another 80/20 rule…

    5. Your question is not about the 80/20 rule, which is a rule about how much revenue a residential building can get from commercial space.

      Your question is about covering floors.

      First, look at your building’s documents to be sure you have the rule (you likely do). Then point the rule out to your neighbors. Your best option is to get them to comply voluntarily, at least in the rooms where it most bothers you.

      If they don’t comply, complain to the board. Don’t expect much – they may take the position they have nothing to gain by getting iinvolved in this dispute. If so, ask your attorney if you can get the board to act via legal complaint.