Elite Architectural Woodworks


    Has anyone had experience working with John Ragnatelli from Elite Architectural Woodworks? We are performing what we hope will be a high-end renovation on a brownstone in Park Slope and received John’s name as a potential custom kitchen cabinet and furniture maker.



    1. I do not have any experience with them. BUT, i HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Gerald La Starza (917-509-5852) from Brooklyn Modern (don’t let the name confuse you — he does both modern work and traditional restoration). He (and his colleague, Ryu) are master builders and truly artists when it comes to design and staining. They are also reasonably priced (under-market, in my opinion, based on the excellent workmanship).

      The one potential downside — they can (but not always) take longer to finish a project than what they estimate. But, I promise it is well worth the wait. If you want more info, please email me at rcohen1969@gmail.com. More than happy to speak to anyone about them.