Pot Smoking Next Door


    Next door to our coop building is a privately owned townhouse. One of the family members (the 20-something son) sits on the stoop multiple times per day smoking pot. I wouldn’t care except that somehow the air circulates in such a way that a lot of the smoke comes into our building’s foyer and stairway (somehow being sucked through the mail slot or cracks around the door). The smell is really intense. Jokes aside, it’s getting old trying to dodge my kids’ questions about the funny “cigarrette” smell all the time.
    The problem is that the family in question is not one that you would feel comfortable asking for them to go inside. Hostility and/or vandalism would likely result. They probably don’t want to admit their kid is doing this. The question is, if we were to call the local precinct, is there anything they would actually do? Can they arrest someone for possesion of a small amount of pot on their private property?
    BTW, this is not about white gentrifiers complaining about the local poor people — these neighbors are white, pre-gentrification Park Slopers.

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    1. Tell your kids the truth .
      Give the neighbor the benefit of the doubt and approach him.Half the time when we approach folks in a judgemental manner we will get back aggression. When we are matter of fact and respectful we may be pleasantly surprised at the response.

      I was in a corner bodega waiting on a rather long line and some guy behind me was smoking (which apparently the owner allows) .SInce I was going to have to either leave or wait a while since the line wasn’t moving, I turned to him and asked him to please put it out.He was about 6′-0″ and a little tough looking; I’m a petite female.He was not happy but he was respectful.I think he was surprised that I asked him but I wasn’t rude.

      Give your neighbor the benefit of the doubt.

    2. offer him white castle.

      but seriously. I do not think it is good for your kids to inhale it.

    3. Plus, using a vaporizer will really get him zonked and he probably won’t be out there as much..

    4. Buy the kid a battery operated portable vaporizer to puff out of. Vaporizers can allow him to properly get his blaze on without causing any smoke, and only emitting an oderless vapor. Either that, or offer to bake him some brownies..

    5. Better caulking and weatherstripping around your doors and windows. Or just wait until Bloomberg makes it illegal to smoke outside.

    6. “good luck getting a cop to show up for a white kid burning on his stoop in park slope.”

      True that!

    7. Create a mildly unattractive environment for him in a way that seems unintentional. Lots of friendly chit-chat might be enough to drive him to another location. I’ve heard they use easy-listening music outside convenience stores in the suburbs to keep high school kids from hanging out in front.

    8. Gosh, poor kid, must have cancer or something. Probably being considerate to his mom, not smoking in the house.

    9. If you’re worried about them vandalizing your home if you mention it to them, they’ll really be unhappy when you call the cops.

      I would approach them and just say the kid is smoking, without mentioning the pot, and that it’s getting into your house.

    10. “BTW, this is not about white gentrifiers complaining about the local poor people — these neighbors are white, pre-gentrification Park Slopers.”

      So this is about a gentrifier complaining about local pre-gentrification people. Doesn’t matter what color or class they are, so what’s your point?

      Do what my awesome pre-gentrification Park Slope neighbor did to our semi-gentrification neighbor who was smoking pot in the backyard….turn the hose on him.

    11. Much like many of the neighbors I had in the Slope in the early ’70s; I thought they were extinct.

    12. Afa your kids are concerned, tell ’em the truth. Much better in the long run. I tell my son that when (not if) he smokes pot, cigarettes, drinks etc just tell me and not hide it. And he’s known about pot and other drugs since under 10.

      >They probably don’t want to admit their kid is doing this

      HOw can they not admit it if he’s smoking in the open? Take a photo.

    13. good luck getting a cop to show up for a white kid burning on his stoop in park slope.

    14. So white people can’t be poor? I don’t get your last qualification.

      As a recent article in the Times explained, the city arrests more people for marijuana charges in a year these days than it used to arrest in a ten year period. Your tax dollars at work. So sure, flag down a patrol car and point out the nasty miscreant. Or call the precinct. (But please don’t clog up 911 with this crap.) And when he can’t get student loans, or employment for a marijuana conviction, hey that’s the breaks.

      To be sympathetic to you I will analogize this to a noise complaint, and ask you why you should involve the police before you yourself speak to the young man, and say, “hey, can you do that elsewhere, my kids are noticing.” Getting the police involved won’t necessarily avoid the hard feelings, cause you know the cops are going to say someone called in a complaint.