Post Approval Amendment or New App


    Hi Everyone,
    I’m a long time lurker and a first time poster. This is a great community with some tremendous knowledge in everything real estate. Thanks in advance for any guidance that anyone can give me.
    I’m doing a complete rehabilitation of a property (not a brownstone) in Brooklyn. I hired an architect that drew up plans and filed the project as a Type 2 Alteration. The job was subsequently approved by the DOB. After starting the work, my contractor discovered that the house has no underpinnings. I hired a PE that drew up plans for underpinnings and while we’re at it we decided to draw up plans to lengthen the cellar to the entire length of the house. The old cellar was about 10′ shorter than the length of the house. My question to all the experts out there is; can the PE plans be filed as a post approval amendment or do they need to be filed as a new application including a new TR1? My expeditor is telling me that he will find out from the DOB how it should be filed but I figured some of the experts here might point me in the right direction. Again, thanks for advice and guidance in advance.

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    1. 1ST…..Always hire a Professional with DOB filing experience….you can file it as a PAA under your current Architect. you just have to add special and progress inspections to your TR-1 thus you will have to hire a Professional engineer as a special and progress inspector.

    2. If the worktype has been filed previously then you can add it on a PAA and you will need to change the description accordingly if it is not there yet. If the worktype has not been filed then you must file a new application since the application is already approved. You cannot add on subsequent worktypes for approved applications.

    3. It would be subsequent filing to the original. Your architect and expeidter should know this.

    4. I believe you cannot add other work types to a previously approved application, I work for an expediter but I don’t do PAA’s so I’m not 100% sure.

      Additionally, this is a pretty common occurrence and I find it odd that your expediter doesn’t already know the answer.