Locking of Roof Doors


    Anyone know the specific code section addressing roof doors?

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    1. the FDNY recommends (if you have an inspection) that the roof hatch be unlocked, and i think it refers to a general provision in the Fire Code:

      504.4 Rooftop access and obstructions. The rooftops of buildings 100 feet (30 480 mm) or less in height, except rooftops with a slope exceeding 20° from the horizontal, shall be maintained in a manner that avoids or minimizes obstructions to access for firefighting operations. For purposes of this section only, “rooftop” shall include rooftops of building setbacks, and “obstruction” shall mean any fixture or other item that is not readily movable by a person without the use of tools or equipment

      So a lock would require tools to access the roof.

      I know people who use “S” hooks, I use a master lock but leave it unlocked. This is still sufficient (at least on my hatch) for keeping the bad people from getting in.

      There is no reason anyone from inside should be prevented from getting outside, or if there is, there is significant risk of loss of life if that means of egress is a last resort. The deepest darkest black smoke will take you down in a few seconds, so think about that when securing your hatch on the inside.