filter change on boiler?


    my thermostat is flashing that I need to change the filter and my heat doesn’t seem to be working – does anyone know how to do with this? can I clear the filter ? and where is it and how???? have small children – need heat!

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    1. MP is correct.

      There may be a problem with your t-stat or there might be a setting that needs to be cleared before your stat will function again.

      What is the make and model of your t-stat? Perhaps we can help diagnose your problem better.

    2. If it’s a boiler, as in you have radiators as opposed to ductwork, then there is no filter to change.
      Many newer thermostats add that “filter” reminder function because about 80% of the country heats their homes with forced air furnaces.

      Either way, the filter reminder does not interfere with the actual heating function, so that’s not the problem you’ve got right now.