Changing Architects


    I am taking over a project
    that was pro cert and the owner wants to do a regular plan exam with DOB inspections. Some construction has been done. What papers do I need to file? (I was told I have to file a withdrawal but that seems to be for the existing design professional?)
    (please don’t say ask your expeditor) Thanks!

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    1. Never Supersede a Prof.Cert Job alt-1 or D-14 Alt-2 job. You are getting yourself into audit pit from SEU from manhattan and SEP from Queens. File a new standard plan exam job to supersede all the old permitted works eventhough you have to spend more $ on a new architect, plumber and elec. Do it the right way and never the short cut prof cert way. they are cracking down on these filings

    2. I had to fire my GC and architect (well the arch went AWOL). A new architect filed new plans that said it specifically superseded the old job. DOB still screwed up and the new expeditor and myself had to go and speak to them but it wasn’t a big deal for them.

      So, the idea was to file new plans then pull the old plans. Like young archi said, it can be done without the old architect but it’s not as easy.

    3. Here is what i am going to do: 1. file new PW1- initial app.,
      2. file PW1-superceding applicant, 3. file pw1-withdraw applicant.

    4. I did consider the determination process but the owner wants DOB inspection. One item is we want to remove intumescent paint from the heavy timbers- C/O says bldg is Class 3 NFP. Also he is concerned about Accessibility.

    5. You can supersed the previous architect without having him withdraw – but you won’t change the status from self-cert to regular plan exam.

      Have you considered answering any questions the owner may be worried about through the Determination process?

    6. Job is stalled now anyway. One prefiler and one plan examiner told me to do a new PW1-initial filing. I am going to do that and see what! I will write what’s going on in the comments section on the PW1 (not that anyone cares or reads it)

    7. The “good relations” part could be a tricky issue. If they ask him to be removed he will likely cause your existing permits to get pulled. would be best to ask him to sign the papers and then give them to you to refile. That way everyone can keep on moving. Good luck!

    8. I am the architect, it’s a small job so I am doing the expediting. They failed the plumbing inspection. Don’t think there is good relations with the previous P.E. Owner realizes
      he needs new permits.

    9. You can supersede the previous architect but withdrawing a job where work has been done is not a simple process.

      You essentially need to demonstrate what work has been done, and prove that it will be completed by the new job. Especially problematic with plumbing jobs etc.

      Its all do-able, though not easy to explain step by step in internet. Your architect or expediter will know what to do.

    10. I just did this on my project. I was able to get the existing architect to sign the withdrawl papers and give them to me so my new architect could submit everything at once. If your old architect withdrawls his application you run the risk of losing your existing permits which causes delays and costs everyone money. I hope this helps. If you have a good relationship with the old architect you should be fine.

    11. I can witdraw someone elses project?, I don’t have the project stickers is one hangup i see, do i need any other approvals besides the owner? (like chief plan examiner)