Does This Seem Strange To You


    I recently had occasion to speak with the contractor who re-brown-stoned my stoop and painted all the iron work. I mentioned to him that I noticed that he only painted the front of the iron work on the street level windows. His comment was: He only paints the front because he doesn’t want to get paint on the windows!!!
    I was so flabbergasted that I had no decent retort.

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    1. Thank you everyone for assuring me that I am not nuts.
      He made no offer to complete the job properly and he
      acted as if I was in the wrong. Unfortunately, this
      highly recommended contractor had already been paid in full when I discovered the incomplete work.

    2. Strange? No. It seems sadly typical, actually. You’ve got yourself a real slacker.

    3. Who is the home owner and who is doing the labor. Does not matter what he wants you are paying. Get what you want period.

    4. lol… the retort should be if paint gets on the windows it comes off easily enuf with a razor blade!

      Or I might say that there are a lot of day labors hanging out near-by, maybe they’ll do the job right.