Broken Thermostat/No Heat!!!


    My thermostat is broken and thus I have no heat – I don’t know who to call about such a thing!! Plumber? Any suggestions?

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    1. check the fuse in the junction box that provides the electricity for your thermostat

    2. make sure that the thermostat that you buy is compatible with the thermostat that you are replacing.. i cant tell you how many times i have been called to a job to find a three wire replacement Honeywell yoyo thermostat put in place of an old two wire unit

    3. Combining and expanding on above posts…
      If there are 2 wires going to the thermostat, disconnect them from the thermostat and twist them together. This connection is what’s supposed to happen when the thermostat is working and is calling for heat. If you get heat, you’ve confirmed it’s the thermostat. (This should answer MP’s post)
      Disconnect the wires after it gets warm and you can take the it with you when you go to get a replacement.
      (I think coned and/or natl grid sent inserts in recent bills about getting discounted or free digital thermostats)
      If connecting the 2 wires doesn’t get you heat you’ve got another problem. Check for other possible causes or call a plumbing / heating guy.

    4. There’s video instructions on youtube that show you how to replace a thermostat.

    5. It’s easy to do it yourself. Buy a new one & install it per the instructions. It’s low voltage so you can’t get hurt. New thermostats come w/ color codes to match to old wiring set-ups.

    6. As already posted, a wall-mounted thermostat is an easy DIY replacement. Buy a new one at your local hardware store, Lowes or HD. If there’s something unusual about the one you have now, take a photo before you go to buy a replacement. Or call your plumber or electrician if you think there’s more to it.

    7. If you know for sure it is the thermostat, you could order a new one and install yourself pretty easily. If you don’t want to do that, I think an electrician has to do it, but not sure. When the boiler guys did our thermostat, they said an electrician would have to run the wire if you have to go through walls, but boiler people may be able to do it if it is just a matter of installing new one but using old wire.

    8. sure- you could call a plumber

      although replacing a thermostat is usually a pretty simple affair, if you knew a good handyperson they could probably do it for you at considerably less cost then a plumber