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    Anyone know a resonable and responsible tree removal company for 2 giant trees which fell in my yard from next door?

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    1. I’ve just heard of a new one: Emerald Tree – neighbor said they were very good but I don’t know price comparison.

    2. Why don’t you join in any online web portal to get a tree removal contractor? There are so many online web portals are available with the good contractors database. Once you have joined there you will get a good contractor as soon as possible at your doorstep. They will come with his quotes for your work.

      Jimson Burg,

    3. Considering the amount of demand for tree guys now, I would go with Family Tree (rather than Urban Arborists) for price and I think Joe is easier to deal with.

      I have heard of Padilla (think he is involved with Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, a consultant arborist??)

    4. I also liked Family Tree a lot. They were very professional and considerate of my time. Also more reasonably priced than many others.

      I had Urban Arborists do a major job which they did well – not cheap but it was a difficult job (cutting dow a huge diseased tree) but they did it very professionally. Once they actually got there. Scheduling however was awful – like a clown show.

    5. I also recommend Family Tree, they removed our Tree Stump a couple of months ago.. good price and excellent job.

    6. Along with our neighors, we hired Ralph Padilla and Alex Baxt of Padilla Tree for some major work in 3 contiguous yards on my block a few years back. Couldn’t be happier. Excellent, very professional work!:

    7. Try Family Tree. Their price for pruning was fairly reasonable, and they are very nice people–it’s a real family operation.

      (718) 698-2725

    8. Most people will mention the usual, BK neighborhood suspects: Prospect Tree, Urban Arborists. But I recently used Dragonetti Brothers for some major tree work, and they’ll be back tomorrow to remove a huge limb that landed in my yard. They’ve had the best prices, although “storm premiums” may apply now, and I know they are very busy, but I think everyone in that industry is right now!

      Dragonetti Brothers
      (718) 451-1300

      Please tell them Noreen on Dean recommended you, and good luck with everything.