City approved me for a tree

After seeing the cleanup that my neighbor does with his tree, can I suggest the kind of tree that i want, or is it what they give me. I saw that they already spray painted the border on the sidewalk. I sent in teh request about 6 months ago, and I’m surprised they responded so fast. Im excited.

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  1. Im not sure the type of tree I have that was planted by the city but just let me say that my sidewalks are now all uneven because the tree roots are growing at an enormous rate. The leaf cleanup I can deal with. The branches grew so much that they hit the windows and insects started burrowing through the house and came out of my light fixtures. So just do your homework and pick the right tree if you can.

  2. Japanese maple has reddish leaves but I never saw it planted by the city. It would be radical to plant bunch of tall bamboo.

  3. Would like a low maintenance tree. During early August my neighbor would be outside everyday sweeping and cleaning, only for it to be dirty looking 5 minutes later. I had a tree once but it was dying so I had city cut it and stump removed. Trees add so much to a block. Any ideas on low maintenance trees. What’s that tree that has the brown leaves even in the summer? It’s never usually a big tree.

  4. would you choice be geared toward huracane resistant trees. given what Queens had last week.

  5. I think that Parks just gives you what they determine will vary the species along the block or maybe just what they have in stock.