Any Referrals for a Dentist


    I know some time ago several people recommended a dentist who I believe is located in or near Park Slope. I did many searches on this site and can’t find these previous posts. Anyone remember who it was? Thank you for any help.

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    1. I have a great dentist, if it’s not to late to comment. John Siegal 49 West 12th Street New York, NY 10011-8538 – (212) 627-2929.

      He is amazing, and Karen cleans my teeth and she is a delight! Highly recommended

    2. This site is such a treasure – a wealth of information and people who are glad to share. Thank you.

    3. not in the slope but I really love my dentist and I am scared of most dentists (some very bad experiences). He does the cleanings himself and he’s very gentle. Will tell you the real story, but nicely.

      Alan Danti
      330 E. 54th St.
      Suite 1A
      (between 1st Ave & 2nd Ave)
      New York, NY 10022
      (212) 355-5188

    4. I like both Kevin Hansen on Plaza Street, and Dr. Rosenkrantz on 8th avenue. Great dentists and good office staffs too.

    5. Nathaniel Sasson – 370 9th St just down from 6th Av. Really splendid fellow (& I’m a dental-phobe.) Sensitive to patients, up-to-date on technology. Doesn’t charge an arm & a leg. Terrific guy who works for nothing in Appalachia on his vacations.
      718 965 9823