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    a friend wants to get proposals for a brownstone gut renovation. the house has no detail but he does NOT want a completely modern look but something that feels and looks cozy and homey. so looking for someone who can create that kind of texture – any recs?

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    1. There are lots of people who are attuned to ideas, but preservation of a brownstone and building in contemporary space requirements needs subtletness.

      As a client I got that sensitivity from my Architect, plus being from New Orleans adds to his charming design for my space. Try my guy.

      Drew Lang, Architect
      Lang Architecture
      30 Vesey Street…
      212.233.9187 tel

    2. Well then here comes mine…

      At Urban Pioneering Architecture, we’ve done a number of these type of renovations. We maintain the feel of a traditional brownstone, with the attention to and level of detail which gives these houses their character, but we create open, warm spaces more befitting of modern lifestyles.

      As a design-build partnership, we approach every project together – architect, contractor, and project manager. Together, we have enough experience to create a proposal that includes everything from design through construction, all the way to DOB close-out and C of O where necessary. This becomes our working budget, and we stick to it. Unless the owner decides to make changes after the proposal is provided, we finish the job according to the numbers therein.

      Our design-build method means that each job gets a project manager who visits the job at the very beginning when we first write the proposal, also works on the development of the design and does all of the construction drawings. When the job goes to construction, the PM is on site almost every day, providing in depth supervision and being the liason between the office, the job site, the GC and the owner.

      This approach ensures project continuity throughout the life of the project. It allows us to control costs from the very beginning, even building into the system efficiencies lost in the traditional architect – contractor relationship. The fact that the same person is drawings the details and helping build them in the field means that no information is lost in translation from office to field, eliminating errors and streamlining the construction documentation process. This creates opportunities for savings which we pass directly on to the owner.

      I am a LEED accredited professional and my team shares my passion for environmentally sustainable products and construction methods.

      Thank you,

      Jim Hill, RA, LEED AP
      Urban Pioneering Architecture
      (646) 309-7259

    3. I guess that’s a pretty explicit authorization. Here’s my own self-promotional post: please check out our website, specifically the linked page. Feel free to call the number listed on the website, and dial ext 211 for the partner-in-charge of that project. You could also email via our listing in the Brownstoner directory. Thanks!

      ABELOW SHERMAN Architects LLC

    4. I specifically requested these recs so please don’t discourage them tempuser and moderator.

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    6. My wife and I are both architects in Brooklyn, currently working on our own partial gut renovation. We would be pleased to discuss your project (if not simpy out of curiousity for anyone who would undergo this adventure).

      We have both worked on a broad range of projects ranging from modern to traditional. Perhaps the warmth you are seeking is not contingent upon style and can be acheived through a sensitivity to materials, your specific needs and the particulars of the buidling. Good Luck!

      Phil Schmerbeck & Nandini Bagchee
      917 273 2497

    7. a very nice architect by the name of Mo Arthur does a great job with these projects. he is reasonable too. He was in florida for a while where he was part of the landmark committee and he appreciates originality.
      Mo Arthur he is AIA, LEED AP

      AG (state st)

    8. All Renovation has an exceptional reputation on this website – they advertise to the right.

    9. We are available to discuss the project and happy to provide a proposal for services.

      As an example, here’s a link to a past townhouse project which has a largely “new” interior but still feels quite comfortable:


      Please feel free to contact our office to discuss further.



      George Roushakes, R.A., Principal
      PULSE3AM…architecture + design
      T:917.647.2678 |

    10. Have your friend take a look at these projects for some inspiration – they were all complete gut jobs where all of the ‘detail’ was added back in. In some we went more historic with the detailing in others we used the trims and moldings in more modern ways.

      In each we were really striving to capture the unique aesthetic of the specific client.

      It’s not an inexpensive endeavor but it’s worth it in my opinion. Especially at a townhouse where the details were there originally.

      I hope this helps.

      Drew Stuart
      Incorporated Architecture & Design

    11. I would be more than happy to meet with your friend to discuss their project.

      Please feel free to peruse my office’s website.


      Kyle Page, AIA, LEED AP
      Sundial Studios Architecture & Design, PLLC