Insurance Claim


    I had a water infiltration in the annex ( extension of the house) when i was away, the water have running slowly for about a week . Vinyl floor (plywood) and the (sheetrock ) wall and ceiling on the floor below.
    Right now the floor is still wet the vinyl bum out from the floor and the sheetrock are all wet .
    I can’t evaluate at the moment until is all dry up the extend of the damage that have been done to the floor ,ceiling,wall.
    I call the insurance right away to file up a claim they told me to call them back later on with more info about the damage.
    Should i file up for a claim anyway and update later on ???.
    I took pictures also to have some record of it.

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    1. a pox on insurance co they are now generally saying they do not cover water damage of any sort Good luck but dont expect much