IKEA Kitchen Cabinets


    Has anyone redone their kitchen with IKEA cabinets…they look amazing but do they hold up well. I dont want to spend a fortune on my kitchen…but i want good quality and some contemporary designs.


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    1. I have Ikea cabinets on my kitchen for about 3 years. We moved twice and it didn’t cause any harm to them. They still look perfect. But be careful, sometimes people have some problems with Ikea furniture http://ikea.pissedconsumer.com/

    2. 10 years and counting — in our tenant’s apt. Not a mark on them. Can’t say the same for our custom cabinets. We chose a very simple birch wood door (can’t remember the name but they still sell it) with almost no detail. I think it helps to have a good GC install them.

    3. I have had more than a few clients go that route and they have not complained.

      Jock deBoer, AIA
      deBoer Architects

    4. wow this is so wonderful to hear about IKEA

      im so exited for my new cabinets!!!

      thanks so much everyone

    5. wow this is so wonderful to hear about IKEA

      im so exited for my new cabinets!!!

      thanks so much everyone

    6. I’ve had the same experience as timber – 25 years. One cabinet door had to be replaced.

    7. I have had IKEA cabinets in a rental apartment for at least 25 years and they still look great!

    8. I love my ikea kitchens. I second gluing everything together. I also reinforced a few parts with 3/4″ plywood–the island and a counter that ended in a dishwasher.

    9. We had our Ikea kitchen installed in 2006 and we still love it. It still looks great and has held up exceptionally well. If it’s competently installed (we specifically chose a contractor who had installed many Ikea kitchens) and well designed (saving money on the cabinets gives you some extra budget room to add some nice non-Ikea touches), you and anyone who looks at it will think you spent twice as much on your kitchen than you actually did.

    10. Nine years & counting. Look like new, all hardware as well. IKEA has top notch hinges and slides, so not surprising. Drawers, a problem with less-expensive cabinetry, are made of metal and click together, making them very strong and rack-resistant.

      The cabinets themselves can be glued (as I did) when assembling, to add rigidity to the mechanical fasteners. Real wood doors are a good choice.

      Check archives as well.