Question about DOB Violation


    My neighbor to the left of my driveway has an DOB violation that was opened earlier this month for illegal construction. This guy somehow managed to build a 20x 25 1 story structure in his backyard, which is about 2 feet from property line and my driveway.

    I personally see his structure as an eye sore, and I would like it to be taken down. As someone having interest in the outcome of this situation, do I contact DOB to address my concern, and make them know that I don’t want that near my driveway? Also, I consider his structure to be a fire hazard.

    While I’m not trying to be a pain in the ass neighbor, I do need to protect my interest. if you don’t who will, know what I mean?

    Any thoughts appreciated.

    Any though

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    1. It can be an eyesore and still be legal so that isn’t the issue. The question is whether it is legal and whether it was approved. Also, some details of the construction could be in violation of code or zoning without the project being in violation. For instance – there is nothing that says a structure can’t be build to the property line, it’s what is on that wall that matters, such as windows, etc.

      The first thing you should do is go on the dob website and look up the project. Is it an approved job? Does the project match the job description? Exactly what is the existing violation for? If the project is already being reviewed by dob, it isn’t necessary for you to do anything, they will take a hard line on anything that is nonconforming. You may not like the results, if in fact they do allow something there, but they won’t approve anything that doesn’t conform to code and to the zoning district you are in.

    2. The DOB considers that a fire hazard too. You can’t even build a wooden deck on the back of your house that comes within a certain number of feet from the neighbor’s property line, much less a one-story structure.

    3. My personal experience with DOB inspectors and city forensic engineers is that they love to pile on once they smell blood, especially when someone is caught so blatantly red handed.