Architect Fired, Big Mess


    Hi, I have an apartment conversion started last year. things went bad and the GC and architect were fired. One of the things they did was file an Alt 2, not an Alt 1. I have a new GC and architect, plus new permits for an Alt 1. However, there is now an audit for the Alt 2 and the previous architect is nowhere to be found. The new plan specifically supersedes the old one, but what kind of mess am I dealing with?

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    1. your architect should have superseded the old filings rather than filing under a new number…go figure …straighten it out now before it becomes a huge problem

    2. I agree with jcarch, you should be able to withdraw the previous application, though it will not be easy since permits were pulled under the Alt II application. You may have to have an inspection and the two sets of approved drawings might need to be reviewed by the auditor. This should be something your new architect & their expediter can help you with, but I would imagine there will be an extra fee associated with this work.

    3. I’m confused…when you got rid of the original architect, you didn’t have him replaced w/ the new, and either close out the original filing or amend it w/ your new architect and alt2?

      It sounds like you just left the old filing sitting there, and now it’s biting you on the behind.

      Do you have an expediter? You should be able to withdraw the old filing, but you’d want someone very familiar w/ DOB practices to guide you through this.