B’stone Entry Doors $500 OBO


    Large Scale Brownstone Double Entry Doors. Very Heavy.

    Too grand and too big for our frame house.

    $500 OBO-

    Buyer to pick up. Seller will help with loading. South Slope Location.

    Dimensions (each):
    90.75′ H
    29.25′ W
    3.5′ D

    Doors are thick and well constructed and could be cut down quite a bit and still retain core strength. Hinges and some hardware still on doors.

    Mike (212) 995 5082

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    1. I have a Brownstone in Bed Stuy and am looking to replace the front door with original double entry doors. Where can I find doors and are there any books/resources out there that describe what type of doors they might have been? Our house was built in the 1890s. Thanks!

    2. Doors have been sold-

      Thanks everyone for the interest- and the commentary.
      Interesting to note- everyone who called was from Bed Stuy- and there were a lot of you. There are going to be a lot (more) beautiful homes in that nabe when you are all done…

    3. Minard….I agree, they are great doors. Installing them in my place would involve completely removing the entryway & transom. You didn’t see the transom in the photo with the nice gold leaf house number.

      Obviously my house originally had doors of this shape and style but that changed once the house became a 2 family and the double doors were replaced with a 36″ X 84″ door plus a transom. They did a real nice job with the transom and the new narrower opening and casings. The casings are nice fluted pilasters about 8″ wide.

      There should work for most homes with a set of double doors that are beyond repair. or where the new 36″ opening is not as permanent or nice looking

    4. Thanks to everyone for the reponses- I have a number of interested parties, and one person scheduled to hopefully purchase them tomorrow.

    5. Dave, these would look tres magnifique on your house. You can re-cycle your existing front door on the rear facade.
      These are NICE. If they fit (big if) you must buy them, even if you put them in the attic for now.