bed stuy brownstone for $350k


    I don’t know where this is, but almost seems you can’t go wrong with this price… well maybe you can.

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    1. Georgia…you know what I always do
      I check out the neigborhood after dusk has set in.
      So go walk to Uttica station from you house like around 11 pm.
      And imagine your guests doing the same after your housewarming….

    2. 11233 – good to hear – if that couldn’t sell at that price, it would be pretty pathetic.

    3. GKW: Just to add …. Nothing wrong with this location. Not the prettiest block in the neighborhood, but certainly nothing wrong with it.

    4. Already sold – with the lot – for $450K (so say my sources)

      I gather that the inside was chopped up into lots of little rooms. (SRO?)

      There are lots of deals in Bed-Stuy. Prices have come down significantly. Of course, Miss Muffet would disagree.

    5. Ok, I know this is nitpicky even for me, and I realize the brokers are only going to get a mere $21K or so if they sell this at the asking price, but between the two of them, could they not figure out how to correctly spell “IMMEDIATLEY” and “AJOINING”?