American Walnut Floors


    We are doing a gut reno of our apartment and are trying to decide what kind of hardwood to use for our floors. Our favorite aesthetically is American walnut but we have heard from two different floor people that it is too soft to use for an entire apartment (including high traffic areas). The other contenders are maple (without stain) or stained white oak. Has anyone used American walnut that would share their experience?

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    1. I concur with 3.26 poster We installed an american Walnut floor against our reccomendations on the parlor (first) floor of a townhouse throughout the kitchen(ouch) What a nightmare it was in bad shape well before the dog! ever walked on it. We are refinishing again this year & the client is covering with a protective cover prior to anyone walking on it. It scratches if you look at it too long.

    2. I haven’t used it but it’s true what they said. American black walnut is only a little more durable yellow pine. Google on “Janka Wood Hardness Scale” for whatever wood you’re interested in using.

      Walnut is more commonly used in formal areas that don’t get a lot of wet boots and roller blades, like dining rooms.

      I recommend taking a trip to the Premium Floors showroom in Sunset Park (3rd Ave @ 31st St). They have lots of common to very exotic flooring wood samples they can show you: