removing a fireplace


    Does anyone know the approx cost and how big a deal it is to remove a huge brick fireplace. We are about to move into a smallish house with HUGE ugly non-working brick fireplaces in 2 rooms. We would love to remove them entirely.

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    1. If the chimney breasts are tied in with the party walls, they may be structural, kind of like buttresses for the wall. There are so many factors to consider like the thickness of the wall, and how tall the house is, etc. I would have an engineer look before taking it out myself.

    2. I agree w 12:09, what about the chimney, for example? And does your boiler vent thru this same chimney?

    3. Slopenick – remember that there may be some structural issues so advising them to take a sledge hammer and busting things up is not wise. Especially if these fireplaces have been there forever and let’s not forget the OP says “Huge ugle fireplaces”

      Again this kind of job needs to be evaluated by a professional to make sure it is done the right way; sounds like an easy fix slopenick but issues can come up. Again with labor and materials you will be looking at a minimum of 5K.

    4. Some people just amaze me. They act like they are the first people in the world to think of the most obvious things…….

      Anyway, my guess is it would cost significantly less than 7K to knock out a fireplace and sheetrock over it. First, there’s no law against you yourselves taking a sledge hammer and busting the thing up, then calling in a handyman type to fix up the wall. (It would give you the satisfaction of seeing something ugly being broken up into little bits too!!!) I’d expect to pay no more than $2K for both with the walls sealed up behind them. I could be wrong, but $7K for a demo job is way, way out of line. You could get a whole new bathroom built for that….

    5. WHy would you want to remove these fireplaces? I might be worth while getting them cleaned up and maybe have a marble mantle installed for aestetic purposes. Getting a fire place removed will cost you at least 5 to 7k in labor and materials. Think about this first before you remove any historical pieces from your place.