Source for Salvage/Remnant Countertop Material?


    We’re doing a kitchen renovation and are wondering whether anyone has recommendations for a source for salvaged or remnant stone for our countertops. We are very much open to mix-and-matching different types of natural stone on the 3 different counter surfaces we will have.

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    1. If you’re looking for second hand, Green Demolitions is good, as Jeffrey said. You can also try Build it Green in LIC and some other re-use stores. Craigs has a “materials” section. But maybe the best thing to do is choose the stone you want and call the company to see if they sell their imperfect or irregular pieces. I bought a bunch of “flawed” items from Get Real Surfaces (concrete). They just needed to be sealed better.
      Maybe I’ll put together a post on the subject this week.
      -Reclaimed Home

    2. For the Green Demolitions site, go to the .com version instead of the .org I mentioned above.

      The .org mentioned above is thir site for donating/selling household salvage items.