Architect Recommendation for Apartment Combo


    We are considering seriously buying the apartment next door to ours and combining the two apartments. Does anyone have a recommendation for a middle-of-the road architect who has experience with apartment combinations in Manhattan? Thanks!!

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    1. Good afternoon.
      My firm would be happy to help you out, or I could at least come look at the space and give you my thoughts.
      I’ve combined several apartments on central park west. You can see two of them on my website.
      go to work and type the password, which is graydon.
      Thank you, and feel free to call my office.
      212 920 4710
      Best regards, and good luck.

    2. Hello – I may be of service to you you as you embark on your apartment combination. I am the founder of Jason DePierre Design, an interior and architectural design firm with extensive experience in gut renovations as well as ground-up construction…

      With an education and background in architecture, and broad professional experience in interior design and detailing for high-end residential and retail projects, I possess a diverse mix of both creative and technical abilities. Capitalizing on this experience, I provide comprehensive design services to my clients throughout all phases of construction, interior design and decoration. Through my years of conceptualizing, developing and managing projects in the city and beyond, I have developed an extensive network of contractors, vendors, artisans and craftsmen capable of realizing each client’s distinctive design requirements.

      To see photos of my previous work and become more familiar with my skills and services please refer to my website: Please give me a call any time to discuss further; if you have floor plans of the spaces, feel free to fax or email them as well.

      Best –

      Jason DePierre
      Jason DePierre Design, llc
      T. 212-665-9461
      F. 212-665-9465

    3. Thanks so much for all of the recommendations so far! Anyone else work with an architect that they loved?

    4. Our architect just combined our 2br and 1br on the upper west side into a 4 br and we were very happy. Their fee was reasonable.

      www dot sohbr dot net

      Another architect some friends of ours used is bfivestudio dot com, but i heard they were rather expensive.


    5. I have been through this process in past projects. I am an Architect and familiar with the process. I’ve worked on combining apartment spaces and also larger loft spaces. It can be a great solution for space if the units can be logically joined and the combined design “feels” like one flowing, cohesive apartment and does not simply come off looking like two side by side apartments that are joined by cutting a typical door opening into a common wall, with no real continuity in terms of space and function.

      Coincidentally, I am currently working on a potential design for combining a one-bedroom and studio apartment. So the issues with joining adjacent units or on my mind as of late.

      A couple questions that would help understand the project better; -What’s the approximate age of the building?

      -Do you know what the construction of the building is, concrete columns+ floors, brick walls and wood joist flooring, steel frame, etc? It can be a factor in how and where you are able join the two units.

      -Are you planning on residing in your current apartment while the work to join/renovate the other unit is taking place? It can be done, but again depends on how much overall work will be happen in both apartments.

      -Lastly, what is the approximate size of the current unit and one you are considering purchasing?

      I would be happy to informally take a look at the space and give some feedback on the pros/cons of a potential combined design solution. I can also give some advice on potential structural, plumbing, electrical issues and what would need to happen in terms of filing the work with the Department of Buildings for a project such as this. Hope this is helpful.

      Feel free to drop a line to discuss. I will also forward some links to some past work for your reference.

      Best Regards,

      George Roushakes, R.A.
      T: 917.647.2678 |