Whole Foods’ Corner Cube Gets Glassy on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg


The future site of Whole Foods, at 242 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, is looking sleek and glassy, despite a recent change of construction crews. After years of little apparent activity, the exterior facade started going up on the Bedford Avenue site in May, and now the full effect of the glassy cube or tower at the top of the corner of Bedford and North 4th Street can be seen.

In fact, it can be seen right through — and visible inside are some stacked building materials. While workers kit out the interior, they are also still busy putting the finishing touches on the exterior on the other side of the complex, along Berry Street.


There the walls are a more traditional red brick, complimenting the south end of the Bedford street side, which features the same material. Windows are going in now.

Along North 4th Street, what looks like an entrance to a parking garage is beginning to take shape. If parking is included, no doubt it will bring joy (as well as traffic) to nearby residents. We foresee the possibility of cars waiting in line on North 4th Street to get in.

The site recently switched contractors after builder Harco Construction was charged with manslaughter and its head, Kenneth Hart, lost his contractor license following the death of a construction worker at one of the builder’s sites in Manhattan, DNAinfo reported earlier this month.

The grocery store is slated to open in spring 2016, a Whole Foods spokesman told Gothamist back in May. Everything looks on track.

242 Bedford Avenue Coverage [Brownstoner] GMAP
193 Berry Street Coverage [Brownstoner]




Windows going in on the side of the building facing Berry Street, above


Matching brick on the south end of the Bedford Avenue side of the store


The corner without its glass in May, above


A rendering on the construction fence, above

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