Things That Go Bump in the Footprint


    AY Report looks into whether the Environmental Impact Statement for Atlantic Yards ignored how the din and fumes associated with the work on the mega-project would affect the lives of residents living in its footprint. People who live on the northside of Dean Street between Flatbush and 6th avenues, whose homes are eventually supposed to be demolished for Atlantic Yards, say they’ve been uneasily living with the noise and dust kicked up by work on the water and sewer connections being upgraded on the block for AY. (Footprint Gazette has been chronicling the disturbances.) AY Report’s Norman Oder opines that the EIS probably ignored the effects of work on residents in the footprint, of which there are fewer than two dozen, because “planners assumed that, by the time construction activities began, no one would be there. But I don’t know for sure, because, when I asked the ESDC why the impact on footprint residents was left out and whether that was standard operating procedure, the questions were ignored.” The person who writes Footprint Gazette, meanwhile, says that reaching out to the city has been fruitless. The 311 calls haven’t really resulted in anything, he said. If we call with a noise complaint, or my apartment was flooded with diesel fumes, they come at a totally different time. I was trying to get them to come by, immediately.
    AY EIS Ignored Noise Faced by Footprint Residents [AY Report]
    Photo by threecee.

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