The Latest Construction on Flatbush


    Blogger Transfer is keeping a close eye on the latest development to go up on the section of Flatbush he cares about most–the stretch leading to Grand Army Plaza. The chronicler of architecture “bad, good and otherwise” notes that the building going up at 145 Park Place is the first new residential development on Flatbush east of Prospect Park in at least a generation. He’s also trying to remain optimistic about how the end-product will look:

    Architects Lauster & Radu used an existing brick frontage on Park Place, and built out the Flatbush frontage, creating some serious angles. Honestly, the renderings are, well, I’m reluctant to comment too honestly… But, the brick work on Park Place is looking interesting, and I’m trying to stay positive about new construction in this part of Brooklyn – staying hopeful.

    New Construction on Flatbush [Transfer]

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