The Four Brooklyns


    Perhaps the most insightful and enjoyable part of The Civilians’ mish-mash theater piece on the Atlantic Yards, Brooklyn at Eye Level, was a song about the four Brooklyns: Manhattan, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Florida. Manhattan, from Greenpoint down to Red Hook, handles overflow from the island to our west; the Caribbean includes neighborhoods like Flatbush and Bushwick, with large populations from Caribbean nations like Jamaica; the Mediterranean includes neighborhoods with Italian and Spanish-speaking folks, from Bensonhurst to Bay Ridge and beyond; and Florida includes those nabes with a direct pipeline to the Sunshine State (see Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach). The author of this notion had a failed bid for the Brooklyn BP, and admitted the difficulty of legislating for these competing groups. Atlantic Yards Report has a complete review of the show.
    Photo by BritinBrooklyn.

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