Marty Axes CB6 Members Who Opposed AY Project


    In a move likely to cloud his legacy as the Brooklyn’s biggest professional cheerleader, Borough President Marty Markowitz purged Community Board 6 yesterday of nine members, apparently as retribution for having voted against the proposed plan for the Atlantic Yards project back in September 2006. I’m rather disappointed. I think that it could have been handled better and I think that I will continue to work for my community and the greater good of the community through the Community Board, Jerry Armer, who had served on CB6 for more than two decades, told the NY Observer. What we were doing was giving the community a voice and reflecting the community. Today on the Atlantic Yard Report, Norman Oder notes that Armer and other dismissed members purposefully did not align themselves with the most vocal opponents of the project. Instead, Oder notes, he “participated in numerous meetings of the Brooklyn Borough Board Atlantic Yards Committee, cordially raising some worthy questions…He spoke courteously, even ponderously, in testimony to the Empire State Development Corporation.” What an embarrassment.
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