Late-Night Atlantic Yards Work Disturbing Some Residents


    Atlantic Yards Watch reports that a number of people who live close to Atlantic Yards have complained about late-night noise from construction, which is now occurring overnight. For example, the site runs a video of jackhammering at the corner of Atlantic and 4th avenues at 10:30 at night a couple weeks ago. Meanwhile, here’s part of another complaint from September 9th: “there is on-going night-time construction of roads in and around the Flatbush / Atlantic intersection. Many people are not aware of this b/c the crews start work at 9:30 pm and finish at 5:30 am. The noise is unbearable for those of us that live near the intersection. Extremely loud jackhammering and pounding of steel road plates all night. Children (and adults) in the units facing Atlantic up and down the block and around the intersection are not sleeping at all.” Have any readers who live close by been similarly disturbed by construction noise late at night?
    Atlantic Yards-Related Work Extends to 24 Hours a Day [AY Watch]

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