Heights Homes Could Be Taken in BQE Fix


    It’s Robert Moses all over again! As it prepares for the reconstruction of the triple-cantilever portion of the BQE that below the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, the State Department of Transportation is considering taking some historic homes in the area by eminent domain and demolishing them, reports The Brooklyn Paper. While project manager Peter King calls the destruction option unlikely, it hasn’t been ruled out. It is well-established that the public sector has the authority to acquire properties for public purposes, he said. It would be premature to rule out anything, and a violation of process to start discounting things. The cantilevered highway was designed to last 50 years and is now approaching 70. Other voices urged not jumping the gun. We are talking about a 10-year process and we’re in year one,” Rob Perris, the district manager of Community Board 2. “It is conceivable that there could be alignments that result in property being taken, but from the standpoint of today that seems highly unlikely. If the prospect of eminent domain does emerge, expect an ugly fight from a powerful group of property owners. Robert Moses isn’t here now, and if a new Moses emerges, we have practice, said Judy Stanton, the executive director of the Brooklyn Heights Association. We know what to do.
    State Mulling Taking Heights Homes for BQE Repair [Brooklyn Paper]

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