Get Ready for an Out-of-Context Sliver Building at 45-34 Pearson Street


    Back in the early days of Brownstoner, when the Brooklyn building boom was getting into full swing (say 2005 and 2006), we talked a lot about context. Or, more acurately, we talked a lot about new buildings that were out of context. In our personal opinion, it’s often the smaller new buildings that end up looking more out of context than the larger new developments. A case in point is this work-in-progress at 45-34 Pearson Street. Located on the same block as the definitely-not-Scarano development we covered last week, this project (DOB permit here) will squeeze an eight-story, 16-unit building onto a 2,500-square-foot lot between a couple of two-story houses. It’s hard to imagine how the 12,500-square-foot building won’t end up looking absurd. But the property has an FAR of 4.99, which is cat nip to an arbitraging developer. GMAP

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