Forest City Still Mulling Modular Design for Atlantic Yards


    Atlantic Yards Report has a comprehensive rundown of the discussion at the latest Atlantic Yards District Service Cabinet meeting, where there was some talk about the first residential tower planned as part of the mega-project. Forest City Ratner employees who were present said a modular design is still being considered for the tower. An executive vice president at the firm, Bob Sanna, said he has a meeting scheduled with a labor rep about the possible modular build, and another Forest City Ratner executive, Jane Marshall, said it wasn’t clear that a modular build would necessarily result in fewer jobs. The executives also said there were other possible benefits to going modular: Construction would be less disruptive to the community and it would be less costly to construct affordable housing. It also sounds like Forest City may be backing down from the claim that it intends to start construction on the tower before the year is out. Marshall said the company hopes to make an announcement about the building before the year is out and have it in construction at the beginning of next year.
    At the Atlantic Yards District Service Cabinet Meeting [AY Report]
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